Korea Report

South Korea is a fully modern and highly technical, developed country. It also has the one of the largest seaweed aquaculture industries, with a domestic and export market worth nearly $1b per year.  The seaweed farming, although operationally and technically simple is on a massive scale (1.71 million tonnes annually). Seaweed is used to feed high value abalone and as a raw material for a modern processing industry. Seaweed is an intrinsic part of the South Korean culture and diet.

Stevie Jarron, of Argyll Aquaculture also a Director of the Scottish Seaweed Industry Association (SSIA), was honoured and privileged to be chosen to take up the offer from World Wildlife Foundation USA (WWF) of a place on an Industry Exchange Tour to South Korea to explore the seaweed industry there.

The  report  below is a summary of the collective invaluable knowledge and insights gained. You can read it on the page or DOWNLOAD IT

South Korea - WWF Industry Exchange Visit to Seaweed Industry v2