Argyll Aquaculture is Scotland’s Premier seaweed farming consultancy, specialising in site selection, licensing process and operational development of seaweed cultivation. This includes maritime operational and technical safety and shore to processing logistics and movement of product.

Argyll Aquaculture (AA) has a small core team but directly employs appropriate staff as needed for specific projects. We also work closely with sub-contractors across Scotland and beyond as if we are part of the client company. This approach enables a rapid and effective response in times of heavy workload whilst keeping the company as operationally and financially flexible as possible.

Argyll Aquaculture has undertaken a wide range of consultancy projects in Finfish, Seaweed, Mussel, Oyster, Scallop Cultivation and general Aquaculture and marine research interests. These tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Recruiting, managing, training and welfare of staff (including Client staff) in all duties
  • Management of contracts, vessel and food handling/processing and haulage companies
  • Sourcing and buying of equipment (inc. vessel coding) and provision of logistical services
  • Legislative and consenting R&D of new and ongoing fish/algae/shellfish growing sites
  • Academic and industry R&D on aquaculture techniques and equipment
  • Liaison with public, industry and academic bodies, representing client
  • Small vessel chartering and skippering as required for the work at hand.


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